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Civil Protection digital plans: ongoin evolutions

Civil Protection digital plans: ongoin evolutions - Image

The actions concerning processes planning and risks evaluation, aimed to support the regional Agency for the territory security and the Civil Protection are ongoing, as outlined in  the 30th april 2021 Prime Minister's Directive, “guidelines for the disposition of Civil Protection plans on different territorial levels”. The provision aims to homogenize the methods of planning of the Civil Protection, at different territorial and institutional levels: national, regional, territorial and organizational, municipal; moreover, it states that the plans should be natively digital.

Lepida’s support to the Agency expands upon analysis and plannings actions, aimed to share a general scheme for the evolution of the digital ecosystem, starting from the already available and necessary qualifying systems, the completed and the unser development databases, the interoperability model, the existence of vertical ecosystems for the elaboration of intervention sceneries, for example, concerning the flooding risks. The path undertaken starts from a rich, though non-homogeneous, framework of applications, both internal and regional infrastructures of data sharing and metadatation tools, geographic and cartographic information systems, national and regional databases, technical and scientific documentation concerning different types of risk on the regional territory. With the need of structuring in a systematic project both the frontend and the backend of the wide information heritage for the production of civil protection plans, according to the guidelines coming from last April’s Directive.

In the next months the definition of the architecture and of the metadata from the national Catalogue of civil protection plans should be strengthened. At the end of this phase it will be Lepida’s responsibility to harvest the data sets and gather the elaborations made available by the Agency, and to complete the digital archive realized by the Department with standard interchange services.


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