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Lepida wins the best paper prize at the IECC CCWC 2022

Lepida wins the best paper prize at the IECC CCWC 2022 - Image

The “IEEE Annual Computing and Communication Workshop and Conference” took place this year too.

The conference, which reached its 12th edition, is promoted by IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), the world's biggest technical and professional organisation, dedicated to technological progress, for humanity’s benefit. The aim was to join together several disciplines’ experts, in order to share the new ongoing researches, in the fields of computer science and communications, providing an environment to promote an intense dialogue between the academic and the industrial world and to fill the gap among academic research, industrial initiatives and governative politics, through round tables, keynotes and inherent exhibitions. If, on the one hand, it is a great opportunity for the academic world to discuss and exchange ideas about new trends in computer science and communications, on the other hand, for the industrial world, it is a chance for comparison and dialogue with academic researchers about practical problems which require further research.

In a few years Lepida has gone through an exponential increment of the hardware and software managed on Healthcare and Public Administration’s behalf. This brought to a revision of the distributed architecture, foreseeing redundancies on several levels, for a growing affidability and speed, taking future further growth into account as well.

That is what the scientific paper “High Availability Distributed Monitoring in Data Center Infrastructure”, written by Elisa Benetti, Matteo Fracassetti and Gianluca Mazzini, the article with which Lepida won the prize for the best paper, in the category “Cloud Computing and data Centre Systems”, is about.

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