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WiFi4EU: new activations

WiFi4EU: new activations - Image

Lepida’s WiFi Access Points installations are continuing as part of the European Project WiFi4EU. After the activations in Bomporto, Valsamoggia and Coriano, indoor and outdoor APs have been activated in Ravenna, Voghiera and Pianoro.

The project WiFi4EU promotes citizens’ free access to the WiFi connectivity in public spaces, such as parks, squares, public buildings, libraries, sanitary centres and museums, in every town in Europe. It offers the municipalities the chance to require a 15.000€ worth bonus, which is to be devoted to the installation of WiFi devices in the public spaces that are not provided with a free hotspot yet.

Since 2018, through several bids, the project distributed vouchers for a total value of 132M€, allowing the installation of WiFi Access Points in over 8.800 European municipalities. In particular, in Emilia-Romagna, thanks to an agreement signed in 2020 with the Region, it has been decided that, on each WiFi4EU Access Point that will be installed, there will also be the SSID “EmiliaRomagnaWiFi”.

Moreover, thanks to the collaboration between Lepida and the Region, some of the Municipalities that took part in the first stage of the project WiFi4EU were invited to participate actively in a “pilot” second part. This second phase establishes an experimentation of the access services for WiFi4EU through users’ identification, thank to a specific solution of Single Authentication System (SAS) developed by Aptilio, winner of a European bid. The goal of this experimentation is to verify the well-functioning of a solution that would allow an authenticated access to the whole WiFi4EU Access Point network, in 30 European Countries.


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