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ER2Digit project wins the bid for the European digital Innovation Hub network development

ER2Digit project wins the bid for the European digital Innovation Hub network development - Image

Among the 41 projects submitted, 13 are Italian and overtook the careful examination of the European Commission: the ER2Digit project was entitled to a fund of 4.5 millions of euros. The project, presented by ART-ER and involving Lepida and Cineca, is aimed at the creation and development of the Digital Innovation Hub European network.

The winning project will constitute the European digital innovation network’s Poles, whose role will be to ensure the  digital transition of enterprises, especially of small and medium ones, from the public sector. It will be done through the employment of advanced digital technologies, artificial intelligence, high performance calculus and cybernetical security.

ER2Digit represents an “integrated system” that will have its foundations in the regional infrastructures, available through the in-houses part of the regional Digital Innovation Hub, created by Regione Emilia-Romagna in february. It is a public digital innovation pole for the region’s institutions, involved in several fields, such as: healthcare, public administration, economic development, culture, agriculture, tourism, research and territory.

Among these in-houses taking part in the project there is ART-ER, which will share its experience in the actualization of innovation politics and ecosystems management. Lepida will accompany the public institutions of the region in the digital transformation and Cineca is one of the entities that manages the most important national and european computing structures.

The Digital Innovation Hub European network consists of digital help desks which will support public institutions and private agencies in their digital transition by providing a broad set of technical expertises and experimental innovations, representing a real access point to specialised platforms and infrastructures. They will also provide financial consultation, training and support urgent environmental issues, such as energy consumption and carbon emissions.


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