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DaB.SI: a document manager for hydraulic risk management

DaB.SI: a document manager for hydraulic risk management - Image

Lepida, on behalf of the regional Agency for territorial security and civil protection, have completed the application to census studies and cognitive frameworks related to hydraulic risks.

The document manager, named DaB.SI (Hydraulic Studies DataBase), allows the systematisation of a vast knowledge, over three hundred documents about hydraulic risks, at the disposal of the Agency.

The studies are conducted both by the Region / the Agency and by third parties, such as basin authorities, AIPO, other environmental agencies, university departments and research centres.

They can be memorised and consulted through a simplified web interface, in order to support their use, in the Agency’s different technical and territorial branches, and to represent, in the long run, a tool based on the collaboration with external subjects.

The studies can be searched through several dimensions, in multiple combinations, such as basin, watercourse, district, source of the data, redaction year, object.

At the moment the Agency is initialising the database, a process that includes the definition of the criteria for the initial selection and for the continuous feeding of the hydraulic studies patrimony.

DaB.SI’s realisation is part of a new collaboration between Lepida and the Agency for digital tools’ development.

The analysis for a new web platform began in September. It will support the applications for modelling and for event scenarios elaboration, through the integrated management of different databases, and the evolved and custom representation, which are both aimed at supporting planning needs and simultaneous analysis in case of emergency.


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