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32GHz Band Plan

32GHz Band Plan - Image

As anticipated in November’s newsletter, Lepida’s radio network will significantly evolve in the next two years.  

The extension allowed by the Enterprises and Made in Italy’s Ministry for the right of use of 26GHz band’s block A, until the end of 2024, and the start of the Technical Table, promoted a complete restyling of the network, moving towards a new band.

The recent exchange with the Ministry and the technical analysis addressed Lepida towards the use of the 32GHz band, since it is more free, expansible and less expensive, in terms of authorizations, than the 23GHz band, which was the one initially took into account.  

Therefore, it has been identified a technological trajectory towards innovation, given the necessity to use equipment which is able to manage a 224MHz double polarization radio band, with a 4Gbps capacity, without additional costs int termis of hardware or software.

It will be a majestic activity which will involve the substitution of 250 Lepida’s links, all over the regional territory, during springtime.

This will allow the development of new services, since it will be possible to offer band capacity to Lepida’s stakeholders and TLC Operators working against the digital divide.

This is the reason for which some gear and/or services of substitutions might be offered, as it is usual, to TLC Operators that are working with Lepida.

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