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WebinHealth: a CEI project for digital innovation in Albanian healthcare

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WebinHealth is the new project funded by the CEI-Central European Initiative, thanks to the extraordinary call for tenders launched to contribute to the health and economic emergency linked to COVID-19, in a tangible and immediate way. The project starts in July and will terminate at the end of 2020. Lepida is coordinating the initiative in collaboration with the Ministry of Albanian Health and the Medical University of Tirana. The objective of the project is to support the process of digitization of the Albanian health care system.

WebinHealth proposes a series of 16 webinars, supported by simultaneous translation in Albanian and organized in modules of 2 hours each. Beneficiaries of the webinars will be at least eighty between Albanian health and technology professionals, patient representatives, university students. Starting from Lepida's 20 years experience in digital health issues, topics related to architectures and e-Health platforms will be discussed, paying particular attention to the solutions adopted in the Emilia-Romagna Region to fight the pandemic emergency. A specific focus will also be devoted to data protection. The modules will be provided by videoconference, with the production of documentary and video materials; online surveys will be offered to collect and map the feedbacks from the recipients. The forms submitted by expert staff of Lepida and its Members will accompany the webinars held by experts from Albanian health institutions, aimed at deepening the aspects of change management.

The webinars structured in this way will allow to consolidate digital skills to design and develop innovative pathways to support healthcare professionals; to transfer knowledge on Contact Center design and information Help Desks for citizens; to train in the use of smart working solutions and security in data management and systems; to encourage Albanian citizens to use digital technology always more.

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